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Top 7 Things To Do In Winter In Hamilton

Winter in Hamilton can be dull. The weather has a way of making you lazy, frustrated, and if you aren’t careful, lethargic.

So what do you do to avoid all of this?

Engage yourself thoroughly in some fun activities! They can be indoor or outdoor activities. Whichever you choose, ensure that it’s plenty of fun! We’ve compiled a list of activities that we think will make your winter experience amazing and help you forget the cold.

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Visit Hamilton’s Art Gallery

Are you a big fan of art? Then the Hamiltons art gallery will definitely tickle your fancy. With an amazingly curated exhibition of both modern and classical art. The art gallery packs a bunch of activities that you could be part of.

You can participate in Yoga at the gallery from 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Practicing yoga in an environment adorned with masterpieces is as calming as it is exciting. The Hamilton art gallery also has a Film series that comes up in the evening. You can check the websites for the times that the film is showing and a lot of other activities that you can be a part of. The Hamilton Art gallery is definitely a place to check out during winter.

Go Wine Tasting at Toast Wine Bar

There is nothing better to use to pass the time during winters like good wine, nice food, and amazing company.

The Toast wine bar is the one stop shop for all three. A quick check on their Instagram handle will give you a rundown of all the available weekly events. A wine tasting experience with friends is bound to lift your spirits and keep you warm during winter.

In addition, the wine prices are affordable and you can even get discounts on particular days. There are also snacks available for you to have with your wine. If you enjoy a good drop, The Toast wine bar is a great winter activity for you!

Watch a Hockey Game

For sports enthusiasts, it really doesn’t get better than a good Hockey game.

Take some time out to check out a Hamilton Bulldogs game on Saturday or Sunday. The game holds at the First Ontario Centre. You can buy tickets for the game online. Even if you aren’t a sports enthusiast a hockey game is definitely exhilarating and will definitely get you excited and make your blood hot. Catching a Hamilton Bulldogs will kill your boredom and is a great activity to do with your friends.

Get Warm at Flying Squirrels Trampoline Park

As far as family-oriented winter activities go the Flying Squirrels Hamilton park is bound to be a memorable one for your family. Flying Squirrel has a host of activities for you, everything from dodgeball courts to dunking hoops to a climbing wall. There are a lot of activities that you can participate in with your family. Flying Squirrels is not just for kids, it can also be a fun activity for you and your friends. It is an amazing spot to have some goofy, stressful fun. You can also drop your kids off at the Kiddie court to have fun while you go off to do something else. Flying Squirrels is definitely a great place to have fun during winter.

Relax at the Royal Botanical Garden

The Royal Botanical Garden is a great place to be during winter. The scenery is calming and beautiful. You can visit any one of the five parks in the botanical garden to take a stroll or read a book. You can have a taste of summer in the botanical garden and be surrounded by nature. In addition, there are weekly events that hold in the garden that you can participate in. All of the events are exciting and engaging. So if you want to spend some time outside this winter with your partner or spouse the botanical garden is a lovely option. It is bound to be romantic and serene.

Enjoy the Best Pastries and Confectioneries at any of these shops

The mouthwatering catering at Hamilton is an experience that everyone must enjoy. These spots are most definitely going to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. The First place to try is Donut Monster. This spot is located on 811 King St. Donut Monster has an extremely wide array of confectionaries. With everything from sweet to savory, Donut monster actually has something for everyone. That’s not all, be sure to try out their brand new Pina Colada milkshake to complete the perfect treat.

Next up is Panini and Ice Cream on 1505 Main Street. Not only does this shop seem to have an endless amount of toppings. It also has a beautiful décor. The cute cups used to serve ice cream also add to the aesthetic of this shop. It is definitely a place you want to go to. The setup makes it easily a great place to have fun with friends or a quiet talk with a lover.

A&J Sugar Bowl this is the best place to get a great waffle or a nice treat with your friends. All the products are fresh and savory.

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Treat Yourself To Some Nice Musicals

Hamilton has some really nice music spots. It also is home to the musical This Ain’t Hollywood. This amazing show is thoroughly entertaining. You can check out the show at the Hamilton music venue. You can also see a live performance of Cree’s in the Caribbean at the Theatre Aquarius. If that is not your taste you can easily go online to select tickets to watch any of the shows being performed the Theatre. The delivery is amazing and the actors are professional. It will definitely be money well spent.

Winter doesn’t have to be a long slow drag until summer for you. It can be just as fun for you, your family and friends. There is so much to explore and enjoy in Hamilton and so many different ways to go about it. Don’t let winter make you inactive and dull, have fun despite the weather. It’s possible and we’ve just shown you how!

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